Palanga is an international seacoast resort for active recreation and rehabilitation treatment also offering a wide range of entertainments. It became a famous resort in early XX century and presently is one of the largest resorts and tourism centres of Lithuania. As a recreation place, it has already operated for a century and a half. People come here to escape from their daily urbanized routines and gain strength from natural resources: the sun, sea water and fresh pine-forests' air. There also are many things to see in Palanga: from the wonderful white sand beaches and variety of remarkable landscapes to Museum of Amber, Botanical Gardens, Birutė's hill and Church of Saint Marie. It is also a fine plan to have a great night out with your friends in one of the bars and nightclubs, of which the town now has plenty.
Palanga has its own small airport with the international flights from the Latvia  Norway and Denmark. One can also use Vilnius international airport - still the most convenient way to enter Lithuania. More detailed information about Lithuania and Palanga can be found on the websites: