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Advanced Materials and Technologies 2006

First Announcement

The 8-th International Conference-School

 ADVANCED materials

And technologies

August 27-31, 2006

Palanga (Lithuania)

The Conference - School is intended for young scientists and Ph.D. students interested in Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics.

This year the Conference-School is devoted to advanced materials and technologies and includes topics on XRD analysis techniques, physical processes in nanostructured materials, organic electroactive materials, electro-optical devices, self-assembly, nanostructures prepared by sol-gel and modeling of structure defects.


Institute of Physical Electronics of KTU (FEI)

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy of Vilnius University (VU TFAI)

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)

Semiconductor Physics Institute (PFI)

Vilnius University (VU)

Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)

Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia (ISSP)

Center of Semiconductor Optoelectronics (SELITEC)

Programme committee:

Prof. S. Tamulevičius (KTU, FEI) – chairman

Hab. dr. G. Juzeliūnas (VU TFAI)

Prof. V. Ostaševičius (KTU)

Dr. B. Vengalis (PFI)

Prof. A. Kareiva (VU)

Prof. A. V. Valiulis (VGTU)

Dr. R. Levinskas (LEI)

Hab. dr. Andris Sternberg (ISSP-Riga)

Prof. K. Jarašiūnas (SELITEC)



Organizing committee:

Prof. S. Tamulevičius (KTU, FEI) – chairman

Dr. A. Guobienė (FEI) – secretary

Prof. K. Jarašiūnas (SELITEC)

Dr. L. Puodžiukynas (KTU)

Dr. M. Andrulevičius (FEI)

Dr. E. Fataraite (FEI, KTU)

Dr. J. Puišo (FEI, KTU)

T. Grinys (KTU)

G. Janušas (KTU)

R. Gudaitis (FEI)



Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation